Road rage witness speaks out about crash on Calif. freeway

An apparent case of road rage triggered a frightening crash on a southern California freeway Wednesday. Cellphone video of the incident plays out like an action movie. Jamie Yuccas spoke to the victim, and the witness who recorded it.

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  1. I blame the immature motorcycle driver that started kicking the car. Others that defend him are as equally chumbs

  2. How's about showing the moment the car made illegal lane change into HOV LANE. It was the cars fault. Get your facts straight. Stop portraying motorcycles as the bad guys. False news. The car made illegal change right into the motorcyclist

  3. The motorcyclist was a victim obviously. Probably has scratches on his bike now. Driver should pay to fix all that too

  4. That nissan driver has some serious mental problems a dent on your car does not justify killing someone

  5. It’s sad the guy who wasn’t involved got hurt. I really wish the car driver was the one who flipped and got hurt badly. He tried to Ram the bike which is basically a death sentence.

  6. Motorcyclist believe they walk on water. Sometimes one can't see them at times and they turn into a holes.

  7. The Nissan driver was only driving when one hand on the wheel, which is why he lost control of his car!!! Plus he shouldn't have tried to hit the motorcyclist!

  8. People are full of hate and bad vibes…good people get brought in the middle and are harmed….shame on people…be better!!

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