Raiders release WR Henry Ruggs III after fatal Las Vegas crash

The Las Vegas Raiders released Henry Ruggs III just hours before the promising young receiver faced an initial court appearance on multiple felony charges after a fiery predawn vehicle crash that left a woman dead and Ruggs and his female passenger injured.


  1. Someone died. Just because Some bottom feeder with some money decided to drive drunk. Shame.

  2. I am so sorry to the family’s that lost their love one here in this tragic event. I pray that you will find peace.

  3. The NFL knows their league is filled with scum. They only care when the scum get caught or in this case kills someone. It's sad because obviously the NFL itself is partly responsible for this but the fans care about pro sports more than their own futures so they'll never admit it. Anyone with a soul gave up on all entertainment figures and their corporations over a decade ago.

  4. I always thought that the accident had happened on the highway considering the speed he was going, but on a f**** Boulevard going almost 160!

  5. No matter who you are you will face penalty like everyone else unless you're Biden's son or Biden or Obamas or the Clintons

  6. they can get him for cruelty to animals also the poor girls dog was killed too in the fire

  7. Here’s a list of defendants that are probably going to get sued because of this. Whiskey Distillery, Bar Owner, Bar Tender, General Motors, Toyota and do forget Henry’s mother. Everyone is responsible except Rugg’s!

  8. This is America 2021. He'll get off. Be back next year. Doesn't matter if he's a serial killer. He plays professional sports. Ehhh maybe he should of just been in a Bronco

  9. His problem is that he not a good enough player hell oj Simpson killed two people and nothing happened to him

  10. How the hell can anybody get just 2 years on a DUI resulting in death? He already got a huge break by not losing his life, Tina will never get hers back. So unfair.

  11. Couldn’t live with the guilt my recklessness caused an innocent woman and pup to burn up in a fire. Would eat a bullet for sure.

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