Prosecutor: Ex-Raiders player Ruggs was driving 156 mph before fatal Las Vegas crash

Former Raiders player Henry Ruggs III was traveling 156 mph just 2.5 seconds prior to a fatal crash early Tuesday morning in Las Vegas, according to prosecutors and an arrest report.


  1. Fk his clean record and charity work! He took the life of an innocent driver. I'm hoping he rots in prison forever. With car service available literally to EVERYONE, there's no reason for anyone to drink and drive.

  2. I agree he needs to be punished for killed innocent ppl he chose to drank / drive and his reckless no care for anyone else driving speeds just under a 747 air craft senseless

  3. Post bail!? After killing a person and her dog.
    Drunk, 150 miles per hour! F*ck you people. I'm out!

  4. We need this Judge In Los Angeles Ca. He needs to come and Sentenced the Stupid Fucker Who Kolled Monique Muñoz In West LA…. WE NEED HIM NOW!!!!!!

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