One Dead, Five Injured In Awful Physical Rescue Crash | Los Angeles

09.26.2021 | 8:36 PM | LOS ANGELES – LAFD and LAPD responded to a reported traffic accident
Firefighters arrived to find a two vehicle collision. In one vehicle they had 4 victims with one trapped
Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to rescue the victim. Three other people in the vehicle suffered injuries and were transported to local hospitals in unknown condition. The driver of the second vehicle was pronounced Deceased at the scene. Building and safety was called to the scene for an apartment complex that was damaged in the crash.

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  1. This is what happens when they automatically give illegals driver’s licences!

  2. Any of you know if the deceased on the ground was in the pickup or Charger? The pickup cab has very little damage maybe the deceased person was ejected from the Charger?

  3. Its not muscle cars that cause wrecks! It's the pathetic drivers. The car doesn't drive It's damn self. Just like guns don't shoot themselves. In general there r soooo many bad drivers these days.
    R.I.P to the victim!

  4. Truck doesn’t even look THAT badly damaged. I’m thinking the driver died of a heart attack or something medical and not an injury.

  5. The ppl that are driving those cars aren't the ones that get hurt, its always the innocent that pay for their stupidity!!!

  6. Some of the worst drivers I've ever seen were Charger drivers and these arrogant Pickup Truck drivers.

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