Lake Fire explodes in Angeles National Forest near Lake Hughes

Sky5 was overhead as crews were battling flames from the Lake Fire burning in the Angeles National Forest near Lake Hughes.



  1. And the day no one will awake up there is no oxygen to breath green is gone and it wont grow again

  2. to the forestry service , fire fighters , emergency services and residents , please be wise , be safe, and be at home when all is done , our love and thoughts are with you .

  3. how come thy not get every lpain doing drops put it out same the wish nit to burn look like thy put red down were no fire

  4. Many times what looks like justice is really injustice and what looks like injustice is really justice and it is the Creator who has the power over these plagues and we are literally watching prophecy unfold before our eyes whether anyone chooses to believe this or not.
    Surely the Creator is the best of judges.

  5. Sometimes the fire is just a fire. You might want to ask the dinosaurs about what they think is biblical. Unfortunately this land evolved to burn a lot of species of plants and trees depend on fire. We prevented fires and now the forest floor and wildland floor filled with leaf litter and junk that would normally burn away every couple years. Now we get catastrophic fires that burn deep into the roots burn into the bark of the tree and kill everything that’s what’s not normal and that’s happening because of us. There’s nothing biblical about it. But what’s really messed up is they’re blaming all of this on Donald Trump and if people are stupid enough to believe it, you’re going to get what you deserve with Joe Biden Fools. Even the hurricanes are Donald Trump’s fault

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