LA County motorcycle deputy killed in traffic collision in Lakewood

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy was killed Thursday morning during a traffic collision in Lakewood, Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed.


  1. There is no need for a speeding motorcycle, this dude was doing 50+ mph in a city zone.
    For what to stop a vehicle for a minor infraction. Sad but this is old news with the wreckless police pursuits

  2. L.a. Deputy died in Los Angeles in a. Fatal crash I don't like that I hope the family is safe im glad he was a cop

  3. I've been driving cars for 30+ years and I know that cars simply do not know how to see a bike. Now that I have been riding a bike for only four years I am extremely cautious and I ride like people are trying to kill me. At the same time I do not ever get angry or presume that someone can see me. Those riders that pull up to cars and break the sideview mirrors are the worst and definitely have another thing coming. haha! now when I drive a car I am so chill.

  4. Damn, dude totaled that 'benz, hope the driver sues the sheriff for damages cause by his rogue cowboy

  5. I like the Police statement that this was just an “unfortunate accident”….Duh, someone was at fault.

  6. I was in LA 35 years ago. Saw 6 dead bodies in the first 2 days. Never went back. Bless this officer, he was well loved.

  7. Deputy was chasing a charger, woman w blue car had green arrow and saw the charger go by and she went to turn and he hit her

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