Horrific Fatal MCI Freeway Crash | Riverside

11.11.2021 | 7:03 AM | RIVERSIDE – California Highway Patrol and Riverside Fire Department were dispatched to a 3 vehicle traffic collision on the freeway involving a box truck and a van or suv with 5 patients trapped.

Riverside Fire Department quickly upgraded their response and had multiple stations respond as well as additional AMRs.

At this time the cause of the accident is unknown.

CHP and RFD are hesitating on giving an SOT but from what we are being told there is 7 patients, 1 fatal and 5 possible minors.

No more information is available at this time.

For licensing, contact [email protected]

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  1. Even before I read the description of what happened I told myself it just takes one bad driver to cause that and I was right. What I am going to state is I detest that van driver that caught off the box truck. Why? Because my husband is an essential big rig driver and he has cars cutting him off EVERY DAY. I've ridden with him many times and I've seen it for myself. Anyone that watched this video needs to learn this one very simple rule even a fifth grader would understand: when you are going to move over into a lane in front of any kind of commercial vehicle/truck WAIT for ONE SECOND! Make sure there is at least 2-3 car lengths before you do. If that van driver had followed that simple elementary rule then that woman would be alive.

  2. My sympathies to all involved, including the fatality. I cannot make out what the white vehicle was, it was such a mangled mess! Was this a truck? God Bless the hard- working Firemen who do this kind of work and do it well! I can't even imagine the lengths they go through to get these victims out of wrecked vehicles. Thank you for all you do!

  3. I don't have the exact words to tell you all how much I thank God for you all. Determined, courageous, compassionate, and humanitarian. Thank you doesn't express how lucky we are to have your dedication and your service in saving lives. I humbly thank you.

  4. I am shocked at this accident but more so that there are survivors. My goodness, I wonder how fast these drivers were going and why they crashed. Unbelievable the accidentes that happen in California, they are horrible. SMH

  5. Pay attention and slow the f—k down!! It’s pretty simple but not everyone has common sense, obviously.

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