High-speed pursuit ends in violent crash overturning vehicle in Echo Park area

A high-speed pursuit ended in Echo Park Thursday after the vehicle slammed into a power pole and flipped onto its roof. Sky5 was overhead. Story: https://ktla.com/news/police-in-pursuit-of-vehicle-in-l-a-area/


  1. Time like this we should love these FAKE NEWS MEDIA they love and care TOO much about the safety and the health of all THUGS and CRIMINALS , you see that is what important according to the fake news media (( THUGS SAFETY ))

  2. why would anyone care for someone who disregards others lives and even there own? the "eye in the sky" is an idiot

  3. lmfao the police literally do nothing but endanger the public like wtf the man almost killed like 5 ppl all becuase these pigs with egos want to continue chasing him

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