Fatal Fiery Freeway Ejection Crash | Los Angeles

2.06.2021 | 1:12 AM | LOS ANGELES – One person was killed and multiple others were hurt in a multi-vehicle wreck near Downtown Saturday morning.

Around 1:15 this morning reports of a three car collision was reported to the LAFD and CHP on the northbound 110 freeway at Hill Street.

Upon arrival, units found one car in flames and a second rolled over on it’s side with one of its passengers ejected.

Firefighters were immediately able to knockdown the flames.

The ejected party was beyond medical assistance and was declared deceased at the scene.

The cause of the crash is unknown and is under investigation by the CHP.

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  1. I'm guessing the fatality was due to NO SEAT BELT. It's hard to get ejected if you're wearing a seat belt.

  2. Oh when will they ever learn! Speed kills, driving while under the influence is just as deadly!
    Poor souls! Probably never realized this will be the "last ride" ever!

  3. Yet again another Mustang on fire or twisted and mangled, the car is trash and a definite death trap I used to love them but im okay on buying one now .

  4. I wonder where the salaries of the firefighters is going to come from since the millionaires are leaving California by the 100s . Corporations are moving rapidly.

  5. Most of you should have some respect, and not assume what happened. If you don’t know anything don’t say anything. I read your comments and I can’t believe the amount of disrespect you have, this was my close friend to the family, for the things that some of you said on here i can’t believe, if it was one of your family members you wouldn’t be saying these things, have respect

  6. I've heard the car alarms in several videos and there is something really… ominous about them. They survived, the driver didn't, and there's no good way to get it to stop. It's just perpetually waiting for the driver to press the button.

  7. I was passing by this late at night at it looked really bad. Be on the look out for drunk drivers late at night folks.

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