Boy killed, sister injured during collision in South Gate

A 12-year-old boy died during a collision in South Gate. The person in the other car was an off-duty LA County Sheriff’s deputy. Was speeding a factor in the crash? FOX 11’s Hal Eisner explains.

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  1. This is very tragic. I think the sisters line of sight may have been difficult to judge the speed of the oncoming traffic with that stationery van in front of her before she turned. The brother got the full impact on his side. So so sorry for the family. The traffic department or whoever deals with the roads in the US needs to definitely re-evaluate that intersection especially if its a accident hotspot. Maybe change it to a no left turn or the traffic light lets you know its safe to turn. Condolences to the family x

  2. Rest in paradise Isaiah. I still cannot believe this happened… such a bitter pill. I can’t stop watching the crash and feeling powerless wishing I can reach into the screen and stop the accident from happening. Betsa I’m so sorry for your loss… Alexa I pray for you everyday.

  3. Justice needs to be severed , if it was one of you they would definitely fuck your life up.

  4. They will cover it up be aware that they always kiss as to the sheriffs department, I seen a sheriff hit a pedestrian this month early in the morning and have video of it. Reckless sheriff.

  5. the car that got hit didn't yield on green like the sign says before making a left turn. RIP to the poor boy and his family.

  6. I use to live in South Gate. They have some of the worst drivers! Almost got hit many times, trying to cross the street!

  7. R.I.P too that boy,the 19 year old sister, wasn't experienced behind the wheel,she didn't yield to traffic if u look at the video she didn't stop to look at on comeing traffic maybe the vehicle infront of her was blocking her view.thats when u slowly move when u see if there's on coming traffic.Still that truck was speeding.

  8. definately the ladies fault, why in the world would you cut someone off like that on a highway. Unless the officar ran a red light. If the Cop ran the red light then it was definately his fault. But it sure doesnt look like at all. You never cut a car off like that.

  9. Hope he rest in peace poor little boy dint deserve this. May he always be in peace and God with his family. Poor boy

  10. Black box will say if truck was speeding. But looking at damage it looks like it might of.

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