Angeles Crest Is Fun But Dangerous Highway If Drivers Get Careless

In many sections along Angeles Crest, there are no second chances – just steep drops where there is little hope of survival after an accident. Tom Wait reports.


  1. Saw a crash 1 day ago. Car went into a small hill at 50 mph and blamed it on a deer that wasn't there. I have 2 cameras and had everything on tape

  2. Kinda crazy they reuse his dashcam for sole footage in the new Jurassic park dominion movie. They added in a dino as if he swerves to miss it

  3. "These roads don't practically go anywhere. This road isn't on the way to anything." Really??? The road leads to Wrightwood, a very popular biker's destination.

  4. The state of California ought to adopt a new concept….put some frigging guardrails on the open spots.

  5. The Andrea Franco lady that was commenting in the vid talks as though she doesn't give a damn about anybody, but herself. Sounds like a Mrs. Beverly Hills.

  6. I drive there multiple times a year and I can say that it has a mix of different kinds of drivers. First, you have the daredevils that go extremely fast and will tailgate you 2 feet behind even if you are going pretty fast already, then there's the normal driver that will drive at moderate speeds and let others pass when there is a turnout. And finally, there's the 100-year-old super paranoid grandpa that shouldn't be driving on this road because they drive at 25 mph and slow down to 15 mph at every turn and never lets other drivers pass them. I can tell you that I prefer to be tailgated by a dare devil than to be frustrated behind a super slow grandpa.

  7. Pretty sure the lady would kill the motorcyclist with her car not the other way around

  8. I go up there all the time With my heavily modified mustang, if your car is not modified for optimal handling don’t speed up there, just cruise at a slow speed and you will be fine.

  9. love how you guys sped up the video by 3x to make it look like he was going fast. He was going 30-35mph in the actual video. It's more about knowing the road, you car, and your ability

  10. bruh they sped up that part before they actually lost control lol he wasn't even going that fast

  11. CHP should do a crack down on those reckless driving and speeding there, it aleardy fatal doing reckless driving on regular road, do it here your dead body won't be found for month!

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