3 Killed, 3 Hurt In Massive Manhattan Beach Wreck

Three people were killed and another three hurt, including a child, in a multicar wreck in Manhattan Beach Tuesday night. Tina Patel reports.


  1. I ride a motorcycle and I will never understand how people don’t control a giant metal box

  2. I was working out that way last week in that location and I had a idiot thug driving fast, he decided to cut me off and then flashed gang signs. If he only knew he was fu$king with the wrong person.

  3. Manhattan beach is a tragedy but don't worry,all the idiots there won't live forever

  4. This is happening everywhere in California. The new generation of driver is careless and dangerous.

  5. One has noticed that roads in the beach towns are turning into "raceways" in the past few months.

  6. People drive so dangerously these days. Slow down. People are in a hurry for no reason . RIP to the deceased..

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