17-Year-Old Booked On Suspicion Of Vehicular Manslaughter In West LA Crash That Killed Monique Munoz

A 17-year-old male was arrested in connection with a February West Los Angeles crash that left a 32-year-old woman dead, the Los Angeles Police Department said Wednesday.


  1. That punk ass Kid needs 110 years in prison!!!! Shame on his sorry no good rich Dad for raising an irresponsible brat that thinks other peoples lives are nothing more than an IG post!

  2. The father should be held responsible; prosecute him just like James and Jennifer Crumbley.

  3. What’s wrong with this government he kill someone and he’s house washing TV eating popcorn come on

  4. Brendan Khuri needs to be punished harshly, as well as his parents!! The parents spoiled the fool that took Monique's life. How is it that a teen has a Lamborghini? It is because of the stupid parents that gave it to him. The teen knows not responsibility, nor remorse! All he knows is having all the material luxuries at his disposal. If he destroys one, he will get a new one to replace it. Why?? It goes back to his jerk parents that created and gave birth to the fool.

  5. Your title—-On suspicion? Dad's not sorry.
    Brain damage, no. When first announced they said he had minor injuries so if he had brain injuries they would of said so. Dad's cover up.
    Dad deleted all on social media.
    yes, if that was one of us we would be charged and locked up 'til court case and in prison.

    There's a 24 year old who's parents who were not rich, was racing with friends, killed a woman and child and got 24 years (due to other racer got too close to him) in prison So this rich dad who promoted racing and which he drank too while speeding should also get charged along with his son. Cops did not arrest this punk? why? Were they told by higher up not to? You rich must get charged as any other person(s) would!

    The kids mom who was freaked out on him buying this car told dad, "now that's an accident waiting to happen" and it did the same day, not long after after she said it

  6. Daddys rich boy gets a lambo n reckless drives and kills a young women all for what. He needs to face his actions n be punished for it

  7. It's a lamborghini, I'm sure the computer will tell you have fast he was going. Brain damage, yeah that's why he stood up and got out of his car…just a rich lawyer's excuse.


  9. He was previously booked twice for driving violation. Had he's license suspended and had a provisional driving license. He should not of been on the road. Then there saying he might face a few months in juvi. That's some BS

  10. We should never let this tragedy be forgotten. The father of the suspect, James Khuri is a multi millionaire who is hell bent on clearing their family name. Search him up and you'd see positive results, the latest from yahoo, what a joke! Not even the mainstream media is showing this because they are allegedly being paid, so this makes it our duty to spread awareness. Brendan Khuri is a killer and his father James Khuri is an asshole.

  11. He was going over 100 mph ! How would anybody think that speed was okay. It is a commercial street in a residential area.

    Rest In Peace Mo you are greatly missed and I will do my part to make sure justice is served. You always had the best intentions sweet girl.

    Go follow @justice_for_monique to learn about ways you can help.

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